Thursday, March 7, 2013

{MAKING THINGS HAPPEN} Goal Setting Part 2

Gosh, now as I sit down to do Part 2 of my goal setting I am looking back thinking oh gosh... I did a horrible job at Part 1. I mean c'mon... all the things that fire me up are actual physical things that inspire me? Does that count? That has to be wrong. It should have been things like honesty, making people happy, friendliness, the intangibles, etc.... Gosh now I am honestly feeling like I let myself down. But I guess that's part of this process right? Digging deeper. Sean T (Insanity workout coach) always tells you to "dig deeper" at the hardest parts in his workouts, and although I seriously hate him for that because it's right when I am like 'oh gah can't move another inch' but at the same time I know that I need to do just that to successfully complete the workout. Guess it makes sense in life too? At those times when you just feel like skimming the surface and taking the easy way out you got to instead push yourself to dig deeper.

So I think here I have to add to what fires me up before moving to Part 2 of my goal setting. I think maybe the number one thing that I really should have included is making people happy. There is nothing that drives me more in life than this. I love making people happy. There is no greater joy I feel than when someone thanks me for my work. For those of you who don't know I also work as a bridal consultant at a dress shop in town. I don't think I'll ever forget this one bride. She was so happy, so in love, such a joy to work with. She had all her girls with her and they had a blast while in the shop. After she found her dress I rung her up and she was about to leave. But before she left she grabbed my hands, and gushed about how incredible it was working with me, how happy she was that I was her consultant, and how I made it such a fabulous experience for her and then she gave me a hug. It was so sincere and so meaningful to me that I started crying (true life, but at least it was happy tears). Because it truly makes me so freaking happy when others are happy with the work I've done for them and when they are appreciative of how hard I work.

Another thing that fires me up? My family telling me they're proud of me. Gosh I know that sounds so silly but it's true. There is nothing that makes me happier and more excited than when I can tell my family or boyfriend about something I've done lately that will make them proud. It is probably one of the best feeling in the world. Guess it makes sense that the song, "Make Someone Happy" is one of my favorite songs? Guess it also makes sense why I am constantly trying to make people laugh, even if I am cracking a joke at an inappropriate time... it is all in good fun. Because if I can make you smile and make you laugh than I am happy too. Although I must admit I don't have the best jokes. I try hard though, that's what counts right??

Oh gosh, see this is what happens when my boyfriend leaves town. I stay up until 2am blogging and blabbing. Now to Part 2 of the Goal Setting!!!

Step 4: What are the three biggest lessons you learned from what DID work?
1. I can't do it alone. I need the support of others, whether it is my dad, my family, my boyfriend, business friends and vendors. I can't do everything by myself and when I do try to do everything myself I get overwhelmed, stressed out, burnt out, and exhausted. This lesson is an important one because I think it is very clear that if I want to grow the company that I am going to need some really good help and a really good assistant... it's in the works!!!

2. Hard work can pay off and if you put your all into something you can achieve your dreams.

3. Doing something you love is so gratifying. I am on the right path and as long as I am loving what I do than I need to be doing what I love because that is one of the most important and one of the easiest ways to happiness.

Step 5: What are the three biggest things you learned from what did NOT work?
1. Take your time. Dot your i's, cross your t's. Slow down. Make sure you are doing good quality work not skimming through things just to get by. If you are thorough you will not be as likely to make mistakes that upset others. You need to make sure you are giving the highest quality of work.

2. It does not count as spending time with Chris if I am on my laptop. Period. Spending time with Chris needs to be spending time with Chris and Chris only.

3. You have to take everyday as it comes and realize that success does not happen overnight. Be grateful for what you have accomplished thus far. Also, as silly as I feel for quoting a Miley Cyrus song... let's be real... "it's the climb."

Step 6: DO MORE of what fires you up then report back... today I am going to spend some time preparing things for clients, I am going to shop around town for the perfect dress that inspires me for my next styled shoot on March 25th, I am going to paint the side tables for our living room and paint our bar cart that's been sitting in the corner for a month now, I am going to put the cactuses where they belong and make another terrarium, I am going to take Winnie for a walk, I am going to dance around the room to Taylor Swift... (did I say that out loud!?!? aw shoot, now you know that I have this weird strange obsession with Taylor Swift...) I am going to go to an antique store, I am going to mop the floors because a clean house is a happy house, I am going to do Day 5 of Insanity, I am going to smile at all the people I encounter and if I can slip in a sarcastic joke then I will definitely be doing that too.

Part 2 of the goal setting to be continued after I do more of what fires me up... oh I'm so excited. Tomorrow... I mean today is going to be an amazing day. Now off to bed!!!

{Photo Credit} "DO More of what Fires You Up" Print via Lara Casey


  1. You're going to be very successful. You have the creativity, personality, and attention to detail to do whatever you set your mind to.

  2. Well written blog. I really get a sense of who you are & how inspired & passionate you are about your work. Nice to see! Definatly adding you to my blog reel.


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