Saturday, February 16, 2013


Pretty pumped that we are featured on Ruffled today!!!!!!! I don't think it will ever get old the excitement of being featured on my favorite wedding blogs. They are what inspire me on a daily basis and so it is such an amazing feeling to be featured on them! Thanks Ashley for the opportunity!! This shoot was so much fun collaborating with Audrey of French Knot and Izzy of Izzy Hudgins Photography on this shoot. We came up with a fun color palette of really bright colors and went from there. I have been dying to make some sort of installation, and we had the idea to make geodesic shapes for a garland backdrop for the ceremony. Lots and lots of cutting, scoring, folding, and hot gluing but seriously worth it. And as much work as it was, I will be the first to tell you that if I have a wedding that wants something like this I am all for it because I love how it turned out! And thank you so much to In Any Event for lending us the pipe + drape to hang the installation! And even more thanks for letting me pet the little kittens out back. Although I still don't understand how my kitten's tail is about a foot longer than the kittens you guys have out there... I mean seriously, those kitten's tails are like 3 inches long?

Anyway moving on... Audrey of French Knot made so many details for this shoot, she really is incredible and so creative! She found the dress at the Humane Society and altered it, added some color, and really jazzed it up. She also made the boutonnieres, the table runner, dip dyed silverware, chargers, 'XO' dessert table board, bowties, groom's sweater vest, groomsmen's suspenders, bride's headpiece, and napkins! I worked on creating the dip-dyed glasses + I love love love them. They are in my office now being used as containers for pens, brushes, etc... 

The shoot took place super early in the morning at the Jepson Center. I mean really early. Us creative people don't normally wake up at the crack of dawn especially considering most weddings + events are in the afternoon to evening. Lots of coffee + donuts... and delicious cake from Ashlee of Tier Luxury Cakes and macarons from Maison de Macarons and candy hearts... made it so worth it. Thanks for sharing all the delicious goodies for our dessert scape! Also, thank you to all the strong manly men (my boyfriend, my friend Rachel's boyfriend + Audrey's husband) who lifted, pushed, moved all the heavy furniture from 24e to the Jepson Center. So excited that we got to incorporate ghost chairs! And 24e had the most amazing geometric ones that I absolutely am obsessed with. And thank you to the Jepson Center who let us use their cafe area for the shoot. It truly is an amazing venue and it is the perfect backdrop for a modern wedding. 

Loren Laney of Femme Fatale did the hair and Jessica Mock of Dollface by Jules did the makeup. They did an amazing job incorporating our funky theme into the hair + makeup!!! And props to them for also waking up super early on a Sunday morning. Thank you to our models who also got up early to be a part of the shoot! They were troopers, especially Rachel who had about 10 pounds of flowers in her hair. 

Another one of my favorite details from it was the awesome stationary by Miss Pickles Press. I have to admit... I have admired her work from day one of me getting into this industry. Her stuff is so funky, fun, and I just am kind of obsessed with her style. So believe me when I say it was so awesome to have her collaborate with us! Thank you Jen!!! :) Also, Madame Chrysantheum put together some really fun and really bright flower arrangements and bouquets! Her designs were awesome and really helped pull together our tablescape! 

All in all it was a lot of fun and the hard work really paid off!!! This shoot was exactly what we wanted, something different, something quirky, something fun, and something unique with lots of handmade details! And is it just me or does it kind of remind you of The Capitol from the Hunger Games???? Anyway, I hope you'll go check out the full shoot over at Ruffled Blog and I will be posting more pictures soon! 

Check out the full shoot on Ruffled here!!!!

Oh... and if you read the article on Ruffled you might get a little sneak peak of what's to come here regarding the rebranding... I should be revealing the new logo sometime this week!!! I have been crazy busy getting the last minute details ready for our March + April weddings. And... 2 more styled shoots back to back the first weekend in March. Am I crazy? Quite possibly. Am I excited? You have no idea, because both of these upcoming shoots are so completely entirely different than anything we have ever done and so I am excited to show a whole new style that I love!! Stay posted! 


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  2. Saw this on Ruffled and was so blown away by the creativity and 'craziness'! Kudos to the entire talented team! Would love to see a real couple run with this concept. :-)


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