Monday, February 25, 2013

SIMPLY INSPIRATION: Multi-tiered Cake Alternatives

So you don't want to spend a ton of money on a multi-tiered cake??? No problem. I got you covered girlfriend.

1. Flowers are your friend, but please don't eat them... I'm talking real flowers not sugar flowers.
How will this serve a lot of guests? The trick to pulling this off right is sheet cake. This is the cake minus the decorations. Often times the big bulk of the cost of a wedding cake is the design and tier assembly. With a sheet cake you can still serve all of your guests without paying big bucks. You don't put this on display but rather have your venue keep it in the cooler and cut it behind the scenes and pass out to your guests. The average cost of a wedding cake for 100 guests is approximately $600 and that is for the very basic cake with very basic decorations... so you can see it get pretty pricey especially if you have a very luxurious cake design. 
How much can I save? Approximately $300; Assuming your sheet cake is $3/per person and your cake design is $6/per person... you are looking at $3 savings per person. You do the math. It's a good deal.

2. Pies, pies + more pies.
Why pies? They're delicious. There are so many fun flavors you can do. And I'm not talking just your traditional pie flavors like apple and pecan... but what about a whip-cream chocolate pie? Or one of my favorites is a key lime pie. Yummmmm. With so many options there is sure to be something for everyone. Plus what better way to have a whimsical dessert table than have pies? Seriously though...
How much can I save? Assuming one pie serves 8-10 people, you would need 10-12 pies for 100 guests. Pie prices range from $15-30 per pie. So compared to your $600 cake you are looking at savings up to $300. Not too shabby.

3. Can I get a dooooough-nut?
Now that is just weird?? Not your traditional wedding cake, but seriously fun and just as delicious. Who doesn't love a good donut? Although, I'm not entirely sure that you can freeze these for a year and eat on your anniversary like the top tier of a wedding cake? But I mean maybe? Hmmm...
How much can I save? An assortment of a dozen donuts at our local Krispy Kreme is $8.29 so $8.87 with tax. So say you want to get 2 donuts for each guest then you are looking at about $150.79. And if you want 3 per guest it would be $221.75. Savings of up to $449.21. Sugar high all around and big pocket savings.

Now I know these ideas are not for everyone, but for the bride + groom who like to keep things a little less traditional and a little easier on the wallet, I think these are all great ideas for desserts at your wedding. And if you're like me than you will eat pretty much whatever sweets are put in front of your face. You may think I'm kidding but I'm not. I am a sweets + treats fiend. It is almost shocking that I am not obese considering if there are cookies in the house I will most definitely eat them for breakfast, lunch, and of course dessert. I think I get it from my dad. While growing up my dad would eat a huge large bowl of ice cream every single night. When I was in high school I worked at Baskin Robbins and (shhhh don't tell) would eat sample after sample of my favorite ice cream flavors. To this day I am a strong supporter of Baskin Robbins. It makes me pretty sad there isn't one in Savannah, but on the other hand it's probably a good thing because I would probably go way too often. And let me tell you what... there will be Baskin Robbins at my wedding. Yup. ice cream in the dessert. It will happen.

Hope this delicious post made you crave desserts as much as it did me! And hope your Monday is extra sweet!!

{Photo Credits} [CAKES] Cake with wreath via One Fab Day, photography by Cara Mia Photography // Silhouette Cake via Ruffled, photography by Gem Photo // Pink Flower Cake via Call me Cupcake // Cake on Log via 100 Layer Cake, photography by Kurt Boomer [PIES] Pies via Style Me Pretty, photography by B Mo Photo // Pies on Blue Cake Stand via Clarification, photography by Gideon Photo // Tall Pies on Cake Stands via Style Me Pretty, photography by Brooke Images // Sweet Potato Pie via Style Me Pretty, photography by Ace Photography [DONUTS] Donuts on Cake Stands via 100 Layer Cake, photography by One Love Photo // Donut Cake via Style Me Pretty, photography by Amanda McKinnon // Donuts on Display via Style Me Pretty, photography by Yan Photography // 'Dunk Me' Donuts via Ruffled, photography by Ashley Dru

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  1. I love donuts any time...but the idea of pie bars/buffets at weddings has such a heartwarming charm to it!


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