Monday, February 4, 2013

SIMPLY ENGAGED: Maureen + Nick

I love nothing more than a cute engagement session that something you + your lover enjoy doing together. And this e-session was maybe the cutest thing I've ever seen. Maureen + Nick love birds and so for their engagement session they went bird watching with Jade + Matthew Take Pictures. I am obsessed with how adorable these came out. And is it just me or is it really really awesome how foggy it is? I don't know what it is but I love it when the woods and marsh are foggy in Savannah. I think it is one of the most gorgeous things and gives it such a spooky eery + mysterious look that is so fascinating. Anyway, Maureen + Nick are probably going to have one of the coolest weddings ever, which will be at one of my favorite Savannah venues, The Roundhouse Railroad Museum. Their wedding is going to be playful, colorful, fun with some birds mixed in. Definitely will be an amazing wedding + I am so happy to be a part of their big day!!! Anyway, hope you enjoy these awesome pictures... although I apologize if you're like me and now seriously craving some ice cream... gosh darn.

October 14th, 2012

How + Where They Met:
Nick and I met in graduate school in South Florida. The very first time we met was quite awkward. It was at the orientation for first-year graduate students, and we briefly introduced ourselves and then looked around awkwardly as we avoided eye contact with each other. I thought, "What a weirdo." And he didn't think very much about me at all. It wasn't until about 5 months later that we really started to hang out as friends. Then a few months later, casual flirtations were exchanged. We had discovered our mutual love of anything pumpkin flavored, and we threw ourselves a pumpkin fest in early April of 2006 since we thought nobody should be restricted to pumpkin goodies only in the fall! And then a couple of weeks later, after a fun, late night pool party and shenanigans with friends at my apartment, Nick asked me out to dinner for the next night. So we went on our first date the next night, and I wasn't even certain it was a real date until about halfway through. =) From there, we haven't left each other's side. It was definitely not love at first sight, but it did turn out to be love. 

The Proposal:
We have now been together for almost 7 years. Nick and I actually took our first romantic weekend getaway to Savannah about 6 years ago for our 6 MONTH anniversary, which was on October 14. We had dinner at the Pink House. Little did we know that we would end up living in Savannah down the road. 

Six years later to the day, Nick took me to the Pink House again for dinner on October 14. After another lovely dinner, we sat on a bench right outside in Reynolds square. And then and there he professed his love for me and asked me to marry him. It was the perfect proposal! 

Why Savannah?
Little did Nick know that I secretly dreamed of marrying him in Savannah, figuring it would be a destination wedding. When we first visited over 6 years ago, we both thought it was such a great town with such beauty and history. And I knew it was where I wanted to marry him. And now it's perfect that we are living in Savannah where we'll have our dream wedding. 

Wedding Date:
October 12th, 2013

What are you looking forward to most on your wedding day?
We're looking forward to celebrating our love together with our closest family and friends. Nick and I have been known to throw great parties full of awesome music, good drinks, and great food! So our loved ones shouldn't expect anything less from us!

More About Them:
We share everything with each other -- we are each other's best friend. We have even developed a healthy obsession of a hobby together: birding (or what some may call bird-watching). We spend almost any free moment we have birding together and getting outdoors. We share in our excitements over what most people would think is weird, but we love it. But what makes it great is that we do it together. 


  1. These photos are absolutely stunning, Congratulations to them :)

    ~ Jamie-Leigh

  2. Such a fun post! Thanks for sharing our love story =) I was actually worried that morning about that crazy fog, but it was actually super awesome and was an unexpected prop in our pics. And those outdoor pictures with blue skies was actually the same day but just later that morning. You would never think it was the same day!


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