Monday, January 7, 2013

SIMPLY YOU: Let's Get Married in 2013!

So... you're engaged and you're getting married in 2013 eh? And you don't have a wedding planner yet? Are you pulling your hair out yet? If so... e-mail me here. Even if you are not pulling hair out, well still... e-mail me here. We want to be a part of your big day! And we will do our very best to make sure you do not pull your hair out ever. Because who wants to get married with hair chunks missing? I know I sure don't... So anyway, I have been spending the last 5 or so hours prepping some budget analyses for some clients, and doing some pinning for some decor inspiration, and contacting lots and lots of vendors, and the list goes on... I am guessing the majority of you brides out there don't have hours a day to do this stuff because you probably have a job and work and I am guessing it is not super easy to find time to contact vendors and get quotes and compare prices, etc.? Well, that's where we help out! We do all the hard nitty gritty work so that you can lay back, relax, enjoy your engagement while we do the research for you. What better way to plan a wedding than only focus on the fun stuff... (i.e. pinning hundreds of hundreds of pictures for your event designer to look through, choosing your flowers, having a bachelorette party and bridal shower, cake tastings, heck yes....!) Anyway, we would love to hear from you today! We have several package options and are always willing to customize our packages + prices to better fit your needs. And we do offer flower services for smaller weddings as well!!

Anyway, now to the pretty part of today's blog post... here are some wedding trends I am crushing over right now & am eagerly hoping to see at some of our 2013 weddings!!!

1. Sparkles, sparkles, more sparkles, sparkles on your bridesmaid's dresses?! Yes please. There is nothing I don't love about this look. And I am not going to lie, I would not mind being your bridesmaid if you let me rock one of these dresses... so friends out there who get engaged soon... take note.

2. Unique backdrops. I love photobooths but what I love even more are the makeshift photobooths with a tripod & a camera timer that have lovely fun backdrops in your color palette that we can and will gladly make for you using fabric, sequins, etc. Or how about a lovely backdrop for a dessert table? The possibilities are endless + Simply Savannah Events wants to make one or two or maybe even four of these for you because after the event I will probably be found decorating my entire house with them...

3. Who needs a tiara when you can have a sparkly fun tiara? I want one...

4. Lights = soft + romantic ambience. I think this is something that can really add gorgeous ambience to a wedding. Especially since most venues only have overhead lighting, which let's be real... is not the most romantic. I also think cafe lighting is gorgeous outside. Think... dancing under the stars but the stars are 347239852 miles closer. (Note: that is not a scientifically accurate number.)

5. This picture kills 2 birds with 1 stone. Glitter/sequins/sparkle + dessert tables. There is just something about glitter/sequins/sparkle that mesmerizes me. I love it. The more the better. And I don't think you can get anymore glittery than having a glitter tablecloth. Also, dessert tables. I love this too. Probably because I love sweets + desserts so much. But also because they are just so pretty. And I like pretty things. If I didn't love desserts so much then I would say it is painful to watch them get destroyed by people eating every last bite. But fortunately the sugar high makes it all better.

6. Glorified lounge areas at the reception that are cooler than my living room will ever be but only because my man insists on having a ceiling fan instead of a chandelier. But really, how neat are these lounge areas? Such a nice way to set up a reception space that will encourage guests to spend more time mingling and less time sitting at their seats eating next to people they have never met before.

7. This isn't a trend, just something I know I will see at all my weddings this year... and that is a whole lot of love. Forget the stress because you've hired me & that's what I do, I take care of the stressful stuff so that you don't have to. So, on your wedding day you better focus on your hot hunk of a man at your wedding... oh yeah and don't forget all your friends + family that flew miles and miles to see you get married to the love of your life. ;)

Alright, so who's ready? Let's get married ladies + gents! Contact me for today for more information on our wedding packages!  

{Photo Credits} 'Let's Get Married' by Nicole Rene // Bridesmaids Dresses via Wedding Chicks, photography by Jemma Keech // Backdrop via Style Me Pretty, photography by Valo Photography // Tiara via Kiss the Groom // Cafe Lighting via Ruffled Blog, photography by Joe+Kathrina // Dessert Table via Style Me Pretty, photography by Haley Sheffield // Groom with Heart via unknown (could only find Tumblr links... if you have link please send to me at!)


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