Saturday, October 27, 2012

SIMPLY ENGAGED: Felicia & Thomas

Today I am going to share something very special! Felicia is one of my closest friends from college and my sorority, Alpha Phi, and is also the first one of all our friends to be engaged. Obviously this is really exciting for our group of friends, but it is even more exciting because she isn't just having the normal wedding. No, her wedding will be where she now lives... in ITALY. I am so ridiculously excited to travel to just outside of Venice for her wedding!!! It will be such an amazing experience and one I am sure our friends will never forget!! It's been so fun helping her here and there with her wedding questions and I was lucky enough to see her in Atlanta a month ago when she came into town for a business trip. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share her engagement photos that are incredible and were taken in Venice...! I hope you all enjoy!

Friday July 22nd, 2011

How & Where They Met:
I used to work at a coffee shop while I was in college, and one day my friend had convinced me to cover a shift for her, although I had already been at work 8 hours! That’s when I met Thomas, he came through the coffee shop for the first time and we met. It was funny because I got really nervous so I kept dropping things and being clumsy in front of him!

The Proposal:
One day Thomas informed me he wanted to do “Date” night and he had made reservations to the
restaurant that we had our first date at, the Matador. After dinner we were driving home, but he said
that he didn’t want to go home quite yet, so we continued to drive. He parked on the waterfront in
Steilacoom where we had had our first picnic earlier in the year. It’s right on this cliff that overlooks the
water; it is breathtaking, especially under the moonlight. He suggests we should go sit on the bench,
and when I step out of the car it was a little chilly so he insists on putting his coat over me. We sit on the bench and my hands are chilly and I instinctively put my hands in the pockets and there was the box!! He got down on one knee but before he could finish his speech I screamed “YES!!”

Wedding Date:
July 20th, 2013

Congrats to the happy couple & I cannot express how excited I am to come to your wedding in Italy!!!!!!!!!!! :) Thanks for letting me be a part of your big day!! <3

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