Wednesday, December 14, 2011

{Organic Wednesday} Scentsations by Julie

I recently went to a Women In Business Expo and happened across a women who makes the most AMAZING bath products. I'm a huge fan of Nourish who was a previous post but sometimes you like a little change. Scentsations by Julie is for those who are looking for that European French inspired fragrance that is a little more sophisticated. I'm such a sucker for bath products and CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY!
Here is a little bit about Julie: "Long before I was certified in Aromatherapy I had discovered the wonderful benefits of pure essential oils. For years, as a hobby, I would mix oils and enjoy them in the bath to help relax and quiet my thoughts. I soon wanted to share the magic with my friends and family. From there, the Scentsations by Julie story began. Each blend/scent has its own special story inspired by those who have encouraged me along the way. The blends/scents have been named after those special friends". She creates spa quality handmade aromatherapy products and gifts using 100% pure essential oils and other natural ingredients. Lotions, Salt/Scrubs, Soaps and Massage Oils. The fun part is to choose which blend is your favorite: (my favorite is the Signature!) What is a "Blend"? A blend is a careful formulation of two or more essential oils designed for a specific therapeutic purpose. 
  • Signature is a calming, balancing and sensual blend. Excellent for insomnia, gaining clarity and lowering stress levels. Superb for maturing and dry skin. Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Clary Sage
  • Hope is a romantic, balancing and uplifting blend that ignites creativity, spurs confidence and instills a sense of value. Jasmine, Rose, Bergamot
  • Jay is a calming and centering blend. Excellent for meditation and prayer. Soothes dry skin conditions and promotes well-being.Sandalwood, Patchouli, Orange
  • McKenzie invigorates, purifies, revitalizes and soothes. Brings alertness and clarity. Aids stomach problems, headaches, respiratory ailments, sore muscles and joints. Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Orange
  • Moosey is a cleansing, grounding and uplifting blend. Helps improve the immune and digestive systems. Very relaxing an euphoric at the same time. Tangerine, Orange, Clary Sage, Patchouli, Rosewood
  • Sarah is a healing, soothing and peaceful blend. Helps in restoring skin damaged by burns, blisters and even stretch marks. Our mildest blend suitable for babies. Lavender, Chamomile and Mandarin
Read more about her products and order your online:

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  1. Ha, I love the description of the "Sarah" scent - sounds just like something I'd need! What a beautiful product!


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