Tuesday, November 29, 2011

{Inspiration Board} Long Distance Loving

For this week's guest post for Layla I got some inspiration via Ashley Maxwell Photography's wedding shoot for George & Cami. Basically I love the vintage feeling of their wedding & the maps gave me a really fun idea! Considering what brought me to Savannah, Georgia was my boyfriend & we were in a 10 month long distance relationship, I thought it'd be cute to have a "Long Distance Loving" wedding inspiration board with a touch of vintage & pastels & plenty of maps & suitcase details!
{As a side note-it's Layla here now-I married into the military and had a long distance relationship while my hubby was deployed to Iraq, we decided to get married before he left, but if you choose to wait, I love the idea of having a long distance theme wedding for when the deployment is over. Maybe you saved love letters, cards to each other, or use maps to show where you each were; then incorporated it into your special day. Or maybe the two of you are just avid travelers and just want to use that for a fun theme for your wedding. Either way, I just adore this idea!!}


  1. love the ideas here especially that pillow! my relationship was semi long distance as well and also involved the military.


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