Wednesday, June 15, 2011

{Organic Wednesday} Green Truck Wine

Did you know that organic wines don't contain any added sulfites (some sulfites occur naturally as a result of the fermentation process)? "Like all farmers, winemakers can't control the weather. When there's more rain than usual, molds sometimes attack the vines, threatening the harvest unless a fungicide is used. Such seasonal vagaries make some vintners reluctant to seek organic certification, even when they generally use organic techniques.

Luckily for consumers, most really good wines come from winemakers who avoid agrichemicals as much as possible. "Winemaking doesn't really lend itself to the practice of Big Ag, because whatever you do to the grapes you will ultimately taste in the wine," Jonathon said.

Of course, some winemakers who use organic agriculture use sulfites in the winemaking process. Sulfites act as a preservative and keep white wines from changing to a golden or brown color. (They are not used as often in red wines.) The labels on these wines may say that they are made with organic grapes, but they do not -- and, by law, cannot -- identify the wines themselves as organic.

So the organic label is only one way to find wines that are grown with an eye toward ecologically minded practices. Another way to look for environmentally sound wines, Jonathon suggested, is to look for small-batch wines from a single vineyard." A primer on organic wines, and a sweet way to bring them to the table By Roz Cummins

Red Truck Winery is a great choice from Sonoma, CA. Check out their facebook page: Red Truck Winery FB page or their website:
* Green Truck Organic California Sauvignon Blanc
* Red Truck Organic California Petite Sirah
* Red Truck Organic Mendocino County Zinfandel (exclusively at Whole Foods)

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